• Danica @type1deeabetes

    The case is a gamechanger. This isn’t a want, but a NEED😍

  • Jack

    Following DIAVY since 2022, couldn´t wait to get my hands on one! Super exciting!

  • Mary @srta.diabetica

    I always carry it in my bag, it's super practical for me. What's more is that I immediately find the insulin inside the bag haha.

  • Over 5.5 Million views on TikTok

    Thank you for all the positive feedback!

  • Keep your medical condition private

    Go out eating dinner without revealing your medical condition thanks to the discreet design.

  • Manage your needles with ease

    Never be caught without a needle again with our simple organization.

  • Slim and sleek

    The sleekest hard case on the market - Fits in most pockets, clutches and handbags.

  • Your valuables protected

    Your durable case keeps your essentials protected at all times.

Do not lose any more needles

Store up to 4 needles and experience the convenience of an organized needle compartment. Helping you stay on top of your supply for the whole day.

Effortless Daily Use

No more Fumbling. The Steady-Keep technology ensures that the insulin pen cap stays securely in place during use.

Grab and Go

DIAVY has been specifically designed to move with you and fit in just about anywhere. From your coat pocket for a visit to the restaurant or your everyday purse for the office.

Pen compatibility

we have manually tested over 50 different insulin pens for compatibility - your pen will fit. If you are unsure, you can contact us at hello@diavycase.com