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Please provide clear photographic evidence of any Defect so we can assess whether the Warranty claim is to be approved or dismissed.

What does the DIAVY warranty cover?

All physical products that you bought has a 2-year warranty.

The warranty covers manufacturing defects that include, but aren’t limited to:

- Cracks or breaks in the shell
- Scratches that make the product not function properly

To redeem a warranty, you have to be the one that purchased the product, or in the case of a gift, the original recipient.

If your claim is covered by a warranty, we’ll repair or replace the product, and cover shipping costs.

What does the warranty not cover?

- Wear and tear resulting from abnormally harsh use or use that is not compatible with the Product's intended use.
- Cosmetic damages
- Replacement of any non-defective pieces of the Product
- Any product sold "as is", "preconditioned", “used" or similar wording indicating that the Product is not new

If your product has damage that is not covered by the warranty, you can request for DIAVY to repair the damage or replace a component at a pre-agreed upon price.

Warranty claims must be submitted in a reasonable time after damage occurs.

For a full breakdown of the warranty terms and conditions.

Please fill in your claim below. We will contact you via e-mail as soon as possible and ask for photos of the damage and your order number. Have them ready to speed up the process.

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